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As a golfer, visualization is a powerful tool when used properly.

Imagine you are on the 16th tee at Augusta National. The wind is coming from the left and you need to secure a par. The crowd is packed in around the green- producing almost a tunnel vision to the 16th green.Your club of choice is a 6 iron that you intend to hit at the left center of the green to reach a tucked pin on the left- guarded by the water and a bunker. Imagine a Shot Tracer of your 6 iron going to the heart of the green.

You step up and execute the shot at hand and the feeling of excitement overwhelms you. Visualization of the shot at hand has produced not only a safe shot but a putt for birdie.

Setting specific goals through visualization will produce a smaller margin of error, or more specifically decrease your chances of hitting a wayward shot.

According to David Mackenzie- writer of The Golf State Of Mind Blog, there are two unique ways of visualizing your next shot.

  1. "Outcome Visualization" is the idea of visualizing the outcome of a shot from your own perspective as we have done above.

  2. "Process Visualization" Is the idea of imaging yourself and your specific shot from a spectators view. Outside of your own body you are allowing your natural talent and swing to take over and trust that you will hit the shot.

Visualization is a proven method to shape the perfect shot, chip, or putt. Having confidence in a shot through visualization is a great way to relax your nerves and prepare for the next shot at hand.

After deciding which club you will hit on a particular shot, take a second to reflect and ask yourself some questions.

  • Where can I safely land the ball?

  • How will your shot perform after it lands? (ex. breaking towards or away from the hole)

  • What is the best shot I could hit here?

That last question should begin to create a visual in your mind of the shot. Try to see the trajectory of the shot, where it lands, and even the the feeling of excitement after you hit that successful shot. These three layers of visualization eliminate wayward shots through very specific targeting and intentionality.

In general, we are trying to paint a picture of the specific shot needed in our mind to create an outcome that is desired. Intentionally painting that picture- with specific detail is a recipe for success.

Visualization is a wonderful way to grow your game and become more intentional in the shots needed to produce a successful round.

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