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Balancing Your Golf Game: Part 1

"For me, what I do on the course I want to be secondary to what I do off the course." - Jordan Spieth, Masters Champion

For Fitness Friday this week we will be talking about preparation youth golfers can take to building a balanced swing. Effort toward golf success off the course should match dedication on the golf course. Next week we will take a closer look at an introduction to developing a stronger core!

Before performing exercises, make sure you are stretched out and your muscles are ready to work. It is recommended to perform a dynamic warmup such as the one below. Mix things up- feel free to add/substitute your own stretches. Increase in intensity and enjoy!

  • Begin by trying to touch your toes - then try touch the ground with your legs apart.

  • Then, make little arm circles that gradually turn into large arm circles. Can you do one arm forward and one backwards?

  • My favorite stretch is the Helicopter- stand in a golf stance with your arms extending out beyond your shoulders and rotate around a stable base. If your rotations look like a helicopter you are doing it right!

  • Now run in place for 30 seconds with high knees- we will usually do this exercise three times over. You want your knees to reach a 90 degree angle.

The exercises listed below are from The Titleist Performance Institute - leaders in golf fitness. Each exercise has a linked video on the TPI site.



  • Jump Rope - Although this may seem to be an exercise that works on developing endurance- it also works on developing hand-eye coordination. Once you are able to jump rope regularly, try to hop on one leg or alternate legs.

On our journey to develop balance and coordination we will visit core strength and developing a pre-round warmup routine.

Until next week!

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