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Preparing For A Low Round: A Pre-Round Checklist

Beginning your day on the first tee without any intention towards warming up your game is a recipe for disaster. Be prepared with our Pre-Round Checklist!

  • Begin your on course preparation by stretching. Developing a dynamic workout/stretching routine will properly warm up your muscles for a long round of successful golf. See our blog post on developing a dynamic warmup and exercises to build your game here. We suggest stretching your lower body, and upper body (more specifically your arms) before teeing off. Yoga is a fantastic way to bring awareness and strength into your game.

  • Last, but not least, we suggest visualizing an enjoyable day of golf! Before you tee off imagine a straight drive right down the middle. This can be applied to every shot of the round. In between good shots and poor shots, try to steady yourself and visualize your next shot. Next week we will be talking about visualization and its role in the golf game. Stay Tuned!

Pre Round Checklist:

Make a large, healthy breakfast


Pack snacks and water (especially when walking)

Workout or exercise before playing (optional) Stretch before warming up on the range

Visualize a wonderful day on the course!

The most important aspect of your pre-round checklist starts with your intentionality towards playing your best!

Future College Golf Association (FCGA) specializes in guiding competitive youth golfers along their journey to college golf success. Follow along on our weekly posts on developing well-rounded competitive junior golfers!

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