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Feeding A Consistent Golf Game

The truth is- there is no cure for your golf swing when it comes to nutrition. But with sound mechanics, proper nutrition can improve stamina and consistency when the shots count at the end of a round. You don't have to be a chef to be prepared for a strong day on the course!

Foods to avoid: Processed foods such as candy, chips, and soda.

What to bring: Sandwich (Can't go wrong with Peanut Butter & Jelly), nuts, granola bars, protein bars

Keeping blood sugar levels stable and drinking enough fluids to stay hydrated is key (NO caffeine). College Golfers are required to walk up to 36 holes in one day- if not more in rare circumstances. Being prepared so you aren't purchasing sugary chocolate bars at the turn is a solid recipe for success. Remember- If you are hungry or thirsty: It is too late! Stay on top of your game by hydrating and having more calories than you are burning.

My perfect pre-round meal would include either a large egg omelet or oatmeal with fruit paired with a large glass of some milk. Milk is underrated. It has more electrolytes than Gatorade/electrolyte sports drinks and a large amount of proteins, sugars, and nutrients to keep you going throughout your round.

While warming up make sure to start drinking electrolytes/fluids before teeing off. Snacking here is helpful- granola bars, fruit, or nuts in addition to breakfast.

Around the 6th hole I will usually break out a banana or peanut butter & jelly sandwich- at this point you should keep eating every 4 holes or so to maintain proper nutrients, electrolytes, and blood sugar.

What I would bring to an 18 hole tournament (keep in mind that some golfers burn 2,000 calories per round of walking)

  • One large water bottle- hydrate before the round!

  • A Gatorade/sports drink or two (Purple Fierce to be exact)

  • 1+ Sandwich

  • 2+ granola bars

  • 1+ pieces of fruit (usually a banana)

Post- Round is an area that most golfers lack - fueling your body with a massive amount of nutrient dense calories is important. Feel free to take down a pizza by yourself or even 4 Spicy Chicken Sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A... You deserve it! Having protein and carbohydrates post-round is a recipe for success.

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