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What Does It Take To Play College Golf?

If you played golf in High School, you have a 7.8% or 8.2% (male & female respectively) chance of playing golf in college at any level. To go a step further, the odds of playing golf at a Division I school if you played golf in High School are 1.8% & 2.3% respectively for men and women athletes. The task may seem daunting- finding a University that fits you academically and athletically. As an athlete you understand that you want to succeed- hopefully you have also put in the time and effort to prepare. Playing the game, putting in the practice time, and understanding the best way to get around the course for your game is a solid recipe for success.

According to Blaine Lynch, head recruiting coach for Next College Student Athlete, junior golfers should focus on improving academics, playing in nationally ranked summer tournaments (and playing well), and developing a strong character on and off the course. College coaches look for athletes that will represent their program in a professional manner.


Future College Golf Association specializes in support to families in need of junior golf and college golf guidance. When communicating with colleges, FCGA provides wisdom to the athlete and their family to formally address coaches with an up-to-date resume and cover letter along with phone/e-mail support.

We all know golf can be an expensive sport. According to, the average household income of a golfer is $95,000. It takes an enormous amount of time and money to learn and practice the game. Leveraging your talent at golf to get a scholarship or secure a spot on a Collegiate Golf team is an opportunity that can be enjoyable and save money on tuition. FCGA can help secure a scholarship and find the right fit academically through proper athlete marketing (professional athletic resume and personalized web design), fitness advice, summer tournament scheduling, and national ranking consultation.

Surprisingly, It is estimated that almost 1000 US women's college golf scholarships are unclaimed annually! If you or your son/daughter are competitive regionally and love the game of golf, odds are you could play at the next level with some determination and A LOT of practice.

PAST FCGA MEMBERS Since 2001 we have served over 350 families in their path to college golf. FCGA consistently helps it members build their resumes, achieve national rankings and earn college scholarships. FCGA Members distinguish themselves in many ways:

  • The 2014 Jack Nicklaus Award for the top player in Division I College Golf was a FCGA Member

  • The 2014 Ben Hogan Award winner for the top player in Amateur Golf was a FCGA Member

  • One of the members of the 2011 & 2013 WALKER CUP TEAM was a FCGA member

  • The 2014 AJGA St. Louis Junior Champion was a FCGA member

  • The 2012 Class 3 Illinois State High School Champion was a FCGA Member

  • The 2011 Class 2A Illinois Boys State Champion is a FCGA Member

  • The 2010 NCAA Men's Division I College Golf National Champion was a FCGA Member

  • The 2010 Western Junior Champion is a FCGA Member

  • The 2010 Kansas Girls State High School Champion is a FCGA Member

  • During 2008-2014, FCGA had former members named to the NCAA ALL-AMERICAN, ALL PAC-10, ALL-BIG 10 and ALL-ACC, ALL-MVC and All-BIG EAST college golf teams.

  • FCGA had members qualify for the Sage Valley Invite, the Orange Bowl, the AJGA FootJoy, HP, Rolex, & Polo, as well as the U.S. Jr. Boys, the U.S. Jr. Girls, the U.S. Amateur, and the PGA Championship during 2007- 2013.

  • FCGA has now helped over 350 junior golfers earn college scholarships. Beginning in the fall of 2015, FCGA will have hundreds of former members competing at all levels of college golf

The link below has all stats mentioned above as well as average ACT/SAT scores, tuition, and average scholarship amount (among other stats) from most collegiate institutions in the country.

The Author, Cam Loyet, is the Managing Partner of Future College Golf Association. Cam is a recent graduate of Illinois Wesleyan University where he played golf with the help of FCGA. Any questions can be directed to Cam through e-mail or phone (618) 477-0705.

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